Stuie since you've passed all I've heard is past tense words, he was or he did. That's not how I'm going to remember you as you ARE our main man. 

You have grown with our family and taught us so much including how to love and cherish a pet. You are not just a pet, you are our family. 

You use any opportunity to get out the front door when someone knocks just for that little bit of stuie time. You greet babies and stay by their side, you helped nanny climb the stairs. Even when you escape the back gate a random person brings you back knowing your name and where you live. 

You even taught the new pets that come home - poppy your princess. 

You have left so many broken hearts behind but hearing everyone say how great you are is true. You are amazing. 

We could not ask for a more loyal loving stuie and I hate that you were in kennels as a stray when we found you. But I'm glad it was us who found you and you who found us. 

You our stuie will never ever be forgotten. 

Always in our heads and hearts

We love you

Mum, Dad, Jamie and leanna and everyone else whose hearts you touched. Night night puppy time to go find cookie and luca now. Xxxx

— Kara